If the events around this equinox have affirmed anything, it’s to place equal emphasis on the heart and mind, easing tension between the tug-of-war that tethers its rope during difficult decisions..

which is not nearly as hard as trying to pat your head and rub circles on your stomach at the same time, like you tried when you were a kid

With a heart and mind entrained to the forest, landing in one isn’t a rarity. Reading the red tip of your tongue gives clue to why this dose of dappled light illuminates the heart mind connection:

Citta= “heart-mind”
There is no distinction between them in Buddhist text, nor reading the 👅
The redder the tip, the more intense the stress. You can’t consider the mind without the heart and thyroid as well

Here are considerations towards the three:

1. Heat rises! If there is heat in the heart, it might come from below. Spring= liver rising, liver= woods

Take a walk in the woods to process thoughts, let the liver process contaminants, give the heart ample space

2. Move the Qi
Jujube date, ginger, faster walking, breath work will prevent the stagnation that hastens heat to begin with

3.Gentle greens.
Celery, micro greens, etc. ease capillaries around the heart and cleanse the liver

4. Facial Mapping
breakouts around the mouth area signal giving the liver a break! Cut back on spice (Photo 3)

5. Help the Shen
The heart is a house for spirit and reacts to every emotion: anger, joy, despair, etc. Begin the day with water and meditation to not just change situations around you, but be balanced against them

A 20th century mystic Simone Weill once noted, “The danger is not that the soul should doubt whether there is any bread, but that, by a lie, it should persuade itself that it is not hungry.”

Curious about learning about the heart-mind connection further?
Visit https://www.heartmath.org

Simple Rosehip Remedy

Fill a jar, or any vessel, halfway with rose hips. Pour hot water over and allow to steep for 15 minutes

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