My Services

Free 15 minute Consultation

Get a free consultation.

For first time clients, ask me any questions about my scope as we explore and map out your needs as a client of Hypnotherapy or Herbalism.

Clinical Herbalism or Hypnotherapy Session

$75/hour for Clinical  Hypnotherapy sessions, whether for pain management, smoking cessation, resolving relationship difficulties, improving sleep, etc. 
Sliding scale $50-$80 for herbalism consult. Please see below

20 Minute Herbal Advice with Tongue & Pulse

$20. Can also take the form about Q & A about herbs you have tried or want to but have questions about. Have specific questions about herbs? Want to work on your issue in a holistic fashion in the mean time? This option may be for you!

Green Bottle Pricing info for 60-minute herbal consults:
Low: $50  Middle: $65  High:$80

Right near the junction of NM-68 and the High Road!

Simple Rosehip Remedy

Fill a jar, or any vessel, halfway with rose hips. Pour hot water over and allow to steep for 15 minutes

VZ Hypnosis Taos New Mexico

Hypnotherapy is not intended to replace care from a licensed Medical Doctor or Mental Health Care Professional. If you are under the care of a medical professional for any condition for which you are seeking hypnosis support, please obtain a signed, written referral from your provider prior to engaging me and moving forward with related sessions.
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